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Current Conditions at TEC

  • The church building structure dates back to 1844. The interior was rebuilt after a fire in 1932. 

  • The Rectory is circa 1815. Franklin Hall is circa 1885. Parish Hall is circa 1931.

  • The main elements of the electrical, plumbing, and heating systems date back to the 1930's and require replacing. Significant preservation work of the interior is required due to age and previous water penetration. The roofs must also be replaced. 

  • The fire alarm system is out of date, not ADA compliant, lacks visual notification devices, and must be replaced entirely. There is no sprinkler system.

Exterior - Stonework

Tower and nave require stone repair and tuck pointing to stop water penetration.

Exterior - Roofs

Church roof is 85 years old. It leaks and requires replacement. 

Franklin Hall, Parish Hall, and Bell Tower flat roofs require replacement. 

Interior - Plaster

Plaster walls require extensive repair due to previous water penetration through roof and stone walls.

Most window surrounds require repairs. 

Church Interior - Heating

Heating is hot water and steam with some piping in the concrete. There are corroded pipes and heat panels. The church does not have air conditioning. 

In Franklin Hall Chapel, the hot water pipe froze in the wall resulting in a buckled wall and water penetration. The Parish Hall has corroded piping.

Church Interior - Electrical

Old wiring and panels must be replaced and outdated outlets brought up to code.

Church Interior - Plumbing

Old piping the in the church and parish hall. 

Flooding in the mechanical room.

Rectory - Exterior

Requires full restoration of exterior siding and shutters.

Rectory - Interior

Requires foundation repair, complete upgrade of HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing, and cosmetic upgrades.

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