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History of Trinity Episcopal Church


Trinity Church was established in 1805. From its beginnings, Trinity Parish has played an important part not only in the community of Geneva, but also in the diocese, and the church at large. It was at the Parish of Trinity, named for its mother church in New York, that the first Episcopal services were held in Geneva in 1806. In 1808, the first building was started. The wooden structure was completed in a year. In 1844, the wooden structure was replaced, and the new stone cathedral was built. It was during this time that the first primary convention of the Diocese of Western New York was held, which elected The Rt. Rev. William Delancey as its first Bishop. Trinity is also unique in that it survived a devastating fire in 1932, which left only the exterior walls standing. The church was rebuilt in 1934. After the fire, the new building soon became host to a wonderful diversity of community programs and events, from multiple 12-step and community group meetings, to yoga, to after school programs and YMCA summer camp, to Hobart and William Smith Colleges Baccalaureate. It is a true community resource.

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