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Timeline Comparison

Consequences of a 2-Year Delay

As a result of at least a 2-year delay, the community of Geneva has lost:

• 20 full-time and 10 part-time jobs over the last 2 years

• Approximately $1.8 million in lost wages

•  Approximately $130,000 in lost occupancy tax revenue for the city

•  Loss of property taxes from a previously tax exempt property

•  Additional visitors to the historic district and downtown restaurants

•  Incremental deterioration of an already damaged building

•  Finger Lakes Community College students have lost internship and scholarship opportunities at the inn, restaurant and event space

Original Projections

July – Dec. 2016

  • Planning Stages

  • Presentation to TEC and Diocese

  • Presentation to Neighborhood

Jan. – June 2017

  • City Approvals

  • 4 Month Delay

Sept. – May 2018

  • Original Construction Time Period

June – July 2018

  • Targeted Grand Opening


July – Dec. 2016

  • Planning stages

  • Presentation to TEC and Diocese

  • Presentation to neighborhood

Jan. – June 2017

  • Submitted original application to ZBA

  • Received ZBA approval

Sept. – Dec. 2017

  • Due to Petitioners appeal, ZBA approval rescinded

  • Application resubmitted to ZBA

  • ZBA issued letter indicating it wished to be Lead Agency

  • Planning Board responded wanting to be Lead Agency

Jan. – July 2018

  • NY ruling stating ZBA Lead Agency

  • Filed application to Historic District and Structures Commission (HDSC)

  • HDSC denied TEC application

  • ZBA approves TEC use variance requests

  • TEC appealed HDSC denial toZBA

  • Petitioners file Article 78 against ZBA ruling

Aug. – Dec. 2018

  • ZBA overturns HDSC denial

  • HDSC files an appeal on ZBA

  • Petitioners file an amendment to Article 78 seeking to add HDSC

Jan. – May 2019

  • Supreme Court rules in favor of TEC regarding HDSC appeal

  • Supreme Court rules in favor of TEC regarding Article 78 and ZBA

June 2019 – Onward

  • Petitioners file appeal

  • On-going delay

  • Grand opening TBD

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